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canada goose clearance Dan Nosworthy, R. Mc Donald, Ed Coleman, Joe Peterson P. Kapusla, Bill Eziniski, Frank Mathers. Leonardo da Vinci may have had an EYE CONDITION that helped him capture space on a flat canvas»With a slightly sideward glance, you may still feel as if you were being looked at.»This was perceived as if the portrayed person were looking at your ear, and corresponds to about 5 degrees from a normal viewing distance. canada goose outlet black friday sale But as the angle increases, you would not have the impression of being looked at.»In the canada goose vest uk study, the researchers took over 2,000 measurements of Mona Lisa’s gaze, and found that it is not straight on, but instead, to the viewer’s right hand side.Read MoreLatest psychology newsProfessor Horstmann explained: «The participants in our study had the impression that Mona Lisa’s gaze was aimed to their right hand side.»More specifically, the gaze angle was 15.4 degrees on average.»Thus, it is clear that the term ‘Mona Lisa Effect’ is nothing but a misnomer. It illustrates the strong desire to be looked at and to be someone else’s centre of attention to be relevant to someone, even if you don’t know the person at all.»Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily news NewsletterSubscribe to our Daily news newsletterEnter emailSubscribeThe MoonWorld’s first private lunar lander snaps ultimate SELFIE on way to the MoonThe stunning shot shows the entire Earth in the background, with Australia clearly visibleNasaNASA telescopes capture stunning image of cosmic ‘superbubbles’ in an alien galaxyThe superbubbles act like particle accelerators 100 times more powerful than the Large Hadron ColliderAsteroidsBlowing up an ASTEROID to save the Earth may be harder than scientists first thoughtShattering an asteroid wouldn’t be as easy as it appears in science fiction moviesClimate changeExtinction warning: Up to 1,700 bird and animal species could be WIPED OUT by 2070Amphibians, birds and mammals are all at risk due to shrinking natural habitatsConspiracy theoriesMost searched conspiracy theories including Illuminati and Avril Lavigne deadSEMrush has revealed the top 10 most searched for conspiracy theories in the UK and US, with rather surprising resultsMost ReadMost RecentGatwick AirportVirgin plane ‘sickness’: Passengers fall ill on flight from Barbados to GatwickIt is believed a number of people on flight VS610 were ‘quarantined’ after showing signs of ‘coughing sickness’CrimeGirl, 14, whose body was found in family’s yard ‘kept nude in dog cage and abused’Mary Crocker’s body was found buried in the garden of her home in Georgia in the US last yearR canada goose clearance.