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Canada Goose online A NEW technology is set to revolutionise how we shop and the products we buy, giving more power to Australian consumers to know exactly what they’re getting and where it came from.It might take years for it to fully infiltrate the retail and produce sectors, but a relatively new type of digital technology known as blockchain is tipped to become a common part of the modern shopping experience.So what is blockchain?Put simply, it a kind of decentralised digital ledger that records transactions and information both chronologically and publicly and is shared on an online networkImportantly the records cannot be changed and are incorruptible. Blockchain is the technology that underpins notorious cryptocurrency Bitcoin and uses a form of math called cryptography to ensure that records can be counterfeited or altered.So how will this apply to your grocery shopping?If the system spreads through the retail sector like Microsoft and many other tech companies are currently working towards it means consumers would theoretically be able to scan a canada goose jobs uk particular product with their smartphone and see the journey it took to get to the store shelf. canada goose outlet reviews For instance, customers could see how long fruit took to get from the farm to the shelf and whether it was ever frozen.It could quickly show you where, when and how a product such as a T shirt in Kmart or a bag of fair trade coffee beans was produced and shipped to you, canada goose outlet uk sale says futurist and digital consultant Chris Riddell.Australia does have strong regulations around food advertising and the claims a company makes about its product Canada Goose online.