Smyth’s deal with the Hippodrome allows for a public proposal at a show. During intermission, the man leads his girlfriend into one of «the fancy boxes on the side sterling silver rings,» Monios said. «The bride just thinks she’s going to have a drink or something, and whammo: spotlight.» The man grabs a microphone and makes his pitch..

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costume jewelry Hair that is too short, too stiff and plastered in place, can easily label you in the 50 and older category. Your hair color should complement your skin. When hair is too dark, it can make the skin appear pale, washed out and even unhealthy. It’s a little intimidating to walk into a store past tarantulas and scorpions situated right at the front door. But, after passing the creepy crawlies, you’ll be dazed by the variety of creatures on display at Underground Reptiles. Poison dart frogs of the brightest blues and yellows, green iguanas, and yellow and brown striped baby leopard geckos fill cages on shelves throughout the store and those are the most common varieties. costume jewelry

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