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Canada Goose Jackets 1 point submitted 13 hours agoI was messing around and kinda put a mix up together, ddf1,4,4 this lets you continue the string or set up for a while rising 1 which is a launcher if I use the string my enemy usually tries to throw an attack so I end up getting counter hit Launcher, ofc it isn a revelation but I thought it is a decent way to canada goose factory sale get a cheeky launcher off a better in lower ranks and if you abuse it canada goose t shirt uk the sweep isn safe on block at all so it is good to canada goose factory outlet vancouver have it in your arsenal to try and catch people now and again. 5 points submitted 15 hours agoSeeing a lot of players that play «not Tekken» in high ranks recently it frustrating knowing they haven even bothered to learn their character and managed to cheese their way up the ranks when I sat here like a pleb trying to punish moves I labbed against and then not drop the combo I spend hours trying to commit to my muscle memory only to drop beating someone knowing you put in canada goose outlet location the work landing that max damage combo feels so much better than just cheesing people the feeling isn even comparable.Shinzo19 0 points submitted 16 hours agoLiterally can not believe how expensive account utilities are on Wow, I was on and off wow for FFXIV and back again but with the debacle of BFA I went to FFXIV permanently and comparing prices for account utility and sub cost I don understand how blizzard can think charging people this much is ok.only that a FFXIV sub is 2.50 cheaper in my country and yet Square seem to be profiting off the game enough to make regular content just goes to show how much of a cash grab wow has become.Shinzo19 5 points submitted 2 days agoRevenge is good for the game but not the way it is at the moment like people getting revenge in dominion during a 1v1 because you went more offensive or how canada goose outlet uk crazy it ramps up in a 1v2 situation for some players and how it never seems appear for you when you are getting smacked all over the place by a vortiger and a cent, they need to fix some critical flaws in the system to make it work and feel fair because consistency is what brings balance not some massive underlying factors that feel like Rng with people getting revenge quick as hell or not at all in similar situations.Shinzo19 38 points submitted 4 days agoI can check but it was about 12 years ago and from a small town paper in the uk so I don know how easy it will be to find without a tonne of effort.Edit: I found the original story about his claim after buying the laptop canada goose outlet online uk but it has his real name and I not sure I be comfortable posting it on reddit, you can find the original story on worcester news archives but they didn seem canada goose clearance to post a follow up story probably incase the first story they posted gave too much info as it had his full name and picture in it. 30 points submitted 4 days agoHe has some of the qualities but he is incredibly reckless on the pitch Canada Goose Jackets.