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canada goose uk shop The Yo No Desperdicio [I Don’t Waste] website and mobile app, launched in November 2015 and February 2016 respectively, seek to present an alternative to this massive problem.Yo No Desperdicio is a sharing tool, similar to the platforms that facilitate ride sharing or apartment exchanges. What’s being exchanged here, however, is food.This platform aims «to promote alternative ways of responsible and sustainable consumption, and to make us rethink our role as consumers, with the goal of reducing food waste at home,» Mari Cruz Martn, the project’s coordinator, tells HuffPost Spain.The platform allows the canada goose expedition parka black friday exchange of both cooked foods and raw items, as long as the products are in decent condition and have not surpassed their expiry date.»If you keep food from being thrown away, we all win.Mari Cruz MartnThere are currently 420 registered users on the platforms from 35 Spanish provinces, and Cruz Martn says»the number of users keeps growing.»The platform offers a very simple food sharing method. Users log into the website or app and post an ad describing the food they want to offer, complete with the item’s name, picture capturing its current state, portion, location and an expiration date. canada goose uk shop

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