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Canada Goose Jackets Deeming the threshold used by the pension income test when measuring financial assets such as cash or shares is still at 1.75 per cent for the first $52,000 of a single pensioner assets and 3.25 per cent on amounts above that.It hasn moved since 2015, despite savings account interest rates dropping more than 30 per cent.DAVID KOCH: Get your will right to avoid family painThe Federal Government says it reviews deeming rates on an ongoing basis, and sets them regard to the returns available in the market from a variety of financial investments that includes canada goose outlet store uk deposit accounts and term deposits, shares and managed investments retirees choosing conservative investments such as cash in the bank may lose some pension through deeming of their interest income.without exception, pensioners are disappointed with the level of the upper threshold for deeming, particularly when the best they can get from a bank is between 2.5 and 3 per cent, he said.Retirees can lessen the impact of deeming by owning higher income assets such as shares, property trusts or corporate bonds, or reducing their Centrelink assessable income by gifting money or spending it on travel or renovations.never advocate spending for spending sake, Mr Miegel said.He said people who spent money simply to get more age pension were often losing the ability to generate more income that the pension provided.Wealth on Track principal Steve Greatrex said other popular ways to reduce assessable assets included funeral bonds or moving money into a younger spouse superannuation if they were under pension age.He said recent deeming decisions were likely to prompt retirees to invest for more income and growth. canada goose black friday toronto A policy point of view, you don canada goose uk phone number want the system to incentivise everyone to have money in the bank and not working for you, he said.lot of us are going to live longer than we expect. If you don have some growth assets, you may find that the money runs out canada goose black friday vancouver Canada Goose Jackets.